Rolfing ® in Kyoto

(9:00a.m. to 9:30p.m.)
〒604-8136 Kyoto-shi Nakagyo-ku Sanjyo-dori Karasuma Higashi-iru
Umetada-cho 20-1 Karasuma Annex1-405

Tel 075-211-2872

Please make an appointment before coming

The building is eleven-stories high. Walk on the left side of the clothes shop.
There is a push-button system at the entrance (on the first floor).
Please push #405.

1 minute walk from Karasumaoike station(subway) Exit5
8 minutes walk from Karasuma station (Hankyu-line).
15 minutes walk from Sanjyo station (Keihan-line).


Rolfing 10 series
1 session (about 90min) 12,000yen

Trial session (explanation and some work)
1 session (about 60min) 3,000yen

Rolf One-shot session
1 session (about 90min) 12,000yen

Cranio-Sacral work
1 session (about 90min) 12,000yen


Dress code

Anything is O.K. if you feel comfrtable.

Practitioner Hidehiko Shinobi (Certified Rolfer)

Practitioner Hidehiko Shinobi (Certified Rolfer)

Practitioner Hidehiko Shinobi (Certified Rolfer) Born in 1973.
Graduated from Ritsumeikan University in International Relations. Traveled extensively in Asia and Europe for a year. Bodyworker (seitai) for four and a half years in Nagano. Studied Rolfing Structural Integration at The Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado-U.S.A. Certified Rolfer in 2004.

Certified Rolf movement practitioner in 2007. Craniosacral work, and SourcePoint therapy® practitioner.

A family of four (wife and two kids)

Client`s Talk

Experiences  with  Rolfing  with  Hidehiko  Shinobi
(Kirill,  39,  Traveller  through  Kyoto  in  December  2014)    

During  my  travels  through  Asia  I  had  10  sessions  of  Rolfing.  5  of  which  I  had  in  Kyoto   with  Shinobi-san.  These  sessions  differed  very  much  from  the  5  previous  ones  which  I   had  in  Bali,  just  a  couple  of  days  before.  It’s  hard  to  really  compare  those  two  „styles“  of   Rolfing  but  I  must  say,  those  I  had  with  Shinobi-San  in  Kyoto  impressed  me  even  more.

Many  people  tend  to  think  of  Rolfing  in  terms  of  fascia  stretching  and  maybe  even  some degree  of  pain  while  doing  this.  What  I  experienced  with  Kyoto  Rolfing  was  something   quite  different.  As  far  as  I  understood  Shinobi-san  certainly  had  been  trained  in  this   traditional  way  of  Rofling  but  in  my  case  he  intuitively  decided  to  work  in  a  more  subtle   way.  The  body  work  we  did  together  was  actually  more  a  body-mind-work  and  went  far   beyond  fascia.

Basically,  what  we  did  was  making  my  mind/brain  relearn  body  perception  which  in   consequence  changed  the  way  I  use  the  body.  The  „excercises“  revolved  around  feeling   different  aspects  of  the  body’s  regions.  I.e.  I  learned  to  feel  the  location,  the  spaciousness   and  the  gravity  of  different  joints.  While  this  might  seem  optional  or  a  bit  esoteric,  the   effects  were  astonishingly  tangible  and  visible.  It  was  like  magic  but  completely  without   the  mumbo-  jumbo.

The  sheer  mindfulness  of  certain  body  parts  made  them  behave  in  a   whole  different  way.  The  more  access  the  brain  got  to  certain  areas,  the  less  tension  and   misalignment  was  there.  For  instance  I  was  able  to  really  relax  my  jaw  muscles  and  joint   –  in  a  way  I  never  have  been  able  to  do  by  „directly  trying  to  relax“  them.  There  seeems   to  be  a  different  kind  of  approach  to  your  body  than  „trying  to  make  it  do  something“  –   and  this  is  the  kind  of  approach  you  learn  here.  And  the  best  thing  is  –  you  can  take  these   acknowledgements  and  techniques  with  you  and  continue  practicing  by  yourself.  You  can  Rolf  yourself  after  this!

Shinobi-san  speaks  good  English,  which  is  both  quite  uncommon  in  Japan  and  very   convenient  for  his  clients.  I  would  highly  recommend  to  try  this  kind  of  body-mind-work   with  him.  I  believe  it  can  help  against  chronic  tensions  and  unhealthy  habitual  postures.   But  be  prepared  to  do  some  inner  work  to  get  there  –  it’s  not  just  about  massage  or  lying   down  and  letting  him  do  the  work.  It’s  more  an  active  exploration  of  your  body  which   makes  it  an  even  more  valuable  experience.

Considering  the  slightly  higher  Rolfing  prices  in  Europe  –  and  the  overtime  Shinobi-san   spent  with  my  sessions  at  no  cost  –  one  even  has  to  say  that  it  was  kind  of  a  bargain  deal.   So  highly  recommended  even  in  economic  terms.  I  would  even  claim  that  it  might  be   worth  flying  to  Japan  just  to  have  a  couple  of  sessions  with  him.  It  was  the  highlight  of my Japan trip.

Experiencing Rolfing in Kyoto
(Ken, 58, long-term Kyoto resident)

I had had some Rolfing work done in America before coming to Japan, and, thinking back, the positive effects then helped me confidence (physical and mental) to embark on the adventure of coming here for study, and eventual work.. But that was almost 28 years ago. I began to feel that the stress of working here was starting to take a cumulative toll, as my body became more and more cramped. I seemed to be fighting my own body to move, sit, walk or stand, an additional drain of energy that increased the ill effects of other stress.

I was very happy to find that Shinobi-san was doinfg Rolfing in Kyoto. I had hoped for several years to go through the process again. I felt that I needed renewal that might reach deeper than exercise, diet, sleep or a change of work environment. Happily, Shinobi-san was willing to let me start the sessions again.

Thinking back to the sensations of Rolfing, almost 28 years ago, I looked forward (after hearing about Rolfing from friends who had completed the sessions) to gradually experiencing a “renewed” positive physical awareness and ease in my body, through a series of work sessions devided quite distinctly to deal with various areas. 28 years ago Rolfing also had a very positive image, yet embarking on the sessions one also expected discomfort during deeper work. Still, friends had said then that it was worth it (and indeed, it was!); and any discomfort was just momentary, as the Rolfer`s hands were always moving, slowly, and I found that if I concentrated on breathing the sensations were actually enlivening. And after every session then I felt as if my body was renewed in terms of ease of movement and possibility of movement.

With Shinobi-san I found that positive benefit again, yet I also realized that Rolfing had changed considerably in the intervening time. Although every Rolfer`s technique might be different, and every person`s experience different, I felt that even the deeper work brought not discomfort but instead a kind of awareness that Shinobi-san was “working” on an area that was conflicted. Yet the release of deeper sessions, and overall positive effects, were just as dramatic as previously, if not more so.

From the first session I felt myself naturally looking up toward the sky again.In kyoto I walk a lot, and with each session walking became easier, instead of forced. Breathing became fuller, easier, more natural. Some of the changes with each session were major, others very subtle. There were new experiences, especially around the inner edges of the pelvis and rib cage. Without Rolfing I would not have had a chance to be aware of these areas.

I felt that although previously the “10 sessions” were prettymuch decided, Shinobi-san was instead following an overall guideline in the 10 sessions, yet continually adjusting the sessions to go with what my body needed (in my case, a scoliosis of the back which probably cannot be corrected, but is much, much better after completing the sessions.) Shinobi-san always explained in advance what each session would cover generally, and where he would work in the next movement.

Previously, when the 10 session were done, that was it! One was not supposed to go back for additional work. Now, however, post-10 sessions are possible. For someone like me planning to stay in Kyoto, that is indeed a plus for the future.
Shinobi-san is very sensitive to one`s comfort during each session, and whether there is any physical discomfort as he works. His technique of working is very sensitive, and it might be just my own imagination, but there seems to be a wonderful rhythm in each session, of beginnig relaxations, of opening, of deeper work, and subtle movements.

In my case, with extra work on my back, at my request, there were extrasessions as we moved toward the “10th” session. I look forward to continuing with Shinobi-san for post-10 sessions. One`s own body also deserves after-care!

I think that good teachers are very important in one`s life. Where one finds a good teacher really has little to do with one`s nationality, or where one lives. Perhaps much is by chance, or luck, or just movements that bring beings together at a place and time. I feel very fortunate to have found a fine teacher in many respects, in Shinobi-san.